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Study Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

A Society of Souls
school for nondual healing and awakening


I teach this program under the auspices of A Society of Souls. This is a four year program currently  based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Join my mailing list to be updated as to the next intake of this program.


The Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) program is simultaneously a comprehensive path of personal healing which awakens us to our true nature and it is a professional training in a revolutionary healing paradigm that can be offered to others.

A Society of Souls is both a school and a community of the heart dedicated to the embodiment of our deeper humanity.

We offer soul nourishing education to explore the nature of self, personal evolution and spiritual connection.


To study at A Society of Souls (ASOS) is to enter a path of profound personal transformation and spiritual awakening. ASOS was created by Jason Shulman in 1992. Jason is a master of Kabbalah and the path of Zen Buddhism.


In creating Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Jason has integrated a classical approach to spiritual awakening with a profound restoration of the personal self. This approach respects and values the personal ego self. We offer this aspect of our humanity nourishment and healing. So rather than considering the ego as an obstacle to our evolution, we embrace the ego as a creative portion of our uniqueness. We recognize that the ego has a rightful and necessary place in human existence and that it is in fact, at the foundation of our spiritual awakening.


Why Study NKH?


The concepts, perspective and personal transformation taught in the training can be applied in a variety of ways:


  • Heal and Awaken: you can study this work as a complete wisdom path regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation

  • Become a healing presence: this study will transform how you relate to yourself and others. We are naturally designed by life to be blessings to each other. This work realises that potential in all of us.

  • Become a healer: offer NKH healing sessions professionally.

  • Deepen your work in another modality: whether your work is some form of therapy, coaching or in another healing modality such as medicine, nursing, chiropractic or massage, this study will accelerate, deepen and broaden your skills.

  • Deepen your work, whatever your work: the study of NKH will enable you to participate more authentically in your life. It will allow you to approach your family and community life, your artistic life and your professional life with a deep sense of humanity, creativity and kindness.


The Study


Nondual Kabbalistic Healing training is simultaneously a path of personal awakening and the learning of technical expertise in a unique method of healing that is offered to people in one to one sessions similar to other therapeutic modalities. It is a natural adjunct to any form of therapy or coaching.


NKH is an extremely sensitive, refined and powerful way to nurture change. This method is rooted in the shifts of consciousness that the student/healer undergoes through the training. The healings themselves are based on the wisdom of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life interwoven with the nondual approach developed by Jason Shulman. Through the four years students undergo shifts in their experience of self and reality that open their relationship to the creative forces of the Tree of Life in the service of healing self and other. Whilst we will learn many techniques, our journey together will not be technique driven. Rather, our aim is to cultivate understanding and embodiment of our true selves.

This combination of personal awakening along with technical expertise is the core of the NKH program. It is taught in an atmosphere of safety, love, acceptance and integrity. The classes, while challenging, are filled with the spirit of joy, laughter and kindness.


The Personal Journey


In year one, we start with an open-hearted embrace of self, accepting who we are right now even as we endeavor to grow and transform. This healing perspective offers us both the refuge to be just as we are whilst providing an education that brings fresh self-knowledge, profound understanding of the human condition and attitudes that guide us on a path of personal healing.


We learn to understand that in our everyday education and experience of self we over-identify and inhabit the ego to such an extent that we tend to see and experience ourselves as being separate beings only. So much of our human disconnection from our own deeper nature, from life and other people, our loneliness and suffering arise from this experience of living too embedded in the ego alone.


This training answers the question: How do we change not only our thoughts or beliefs but our very visceral experience of living? During our time together, students undergo a transformation of self that reveals the unitive state through experience. With relief we learn that instead of purifying ourselves of all our difficult parts in order to be ‘worthy’ of this profound connection with Life/God/Reality, we can open to this experience, through presence and kindness to ourselves right now, just as we are. We learn to include and embrace the difficult parts of our nature, our limitations and wounds whilst also learning how to heal these aspects so their gravity no longer claims the largest part of our identity. In this way we find ourselves at home both in dynamic change and by resting into our “imperfectly perfect” being.


This is the beginning of awakening.


This is the illumination the spiritual paths of all traditions have bequeathed humanity ~ and this particular work adds an evolutionary turn to the classical path of enlightenment, a turn that is necessary for contemporary life. This turn is to paradoxically both raise and diminish the ego into its rightful place, by healing and integrating it. Through this path we are simultaneously more ourselves and more the world. More personally free and more impersonally manifest. This is what awakening to our full self means. A return to the fullness of human identity as not only bound by the personal ego self. Freedom and connection and deep participation with life flow naturally from this way of living.


The Curriculum of NKH


NKH weaves together the wisdom of the Kabbalah as a living map of the workings of the universe, psychological insight into the human condition, the implications of quantum physics, along with buddhist and nondual insights. The curriculum is a vast playground for the intellect and the heart; it offers wisdom and intimacy with self, companions on the path and deeper relationship with the wider world.

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