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To be human is to have a foot in the finite and the other in the infinite and a navigation system seemingly built from conscious desire and yet shaped powerfully by an array of unconscious and semi-conscious impulses. 

These impulses and desires span the range of self. We want to be more fully ourself,

 to manifest our potential, we long for true connection in our contact with others 

and we have a set of desires that relate to the existential mysteries of Life.

These themes have been the guiding lights my own life and lie at the heart of the

work I offer to individuals or groups.

I began with a simple desire to understand myself and others. I'd always felt like 'the odd one' and wondered why others are they way they are, what motivates them to do the things they do and to see the world differently.
Studying Economics and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, provided some insights, yet the answers I was looking for led me to immerse myself in a variety of 'spiritual' teachings for the next 20 years.

One direction I took was to train as a teacher in the Rudolf Steiner School system. I then worked for a decade at St. Paul's Steiner School in London. This soul enriching time offered the practical challenge of living and working from the spiritual wisdom of Rudolf  Steiner's philosophy, anthroposophy.  Teachers in this system have a complex task, taking on a large portion of the administrative management of the school alongside all classroom duties. Often it felt like navigating a structurally impaired ship (on which lived an entire community, including parents, grandparents and extended family members) through a continual series of storms whilst delivering an education imbued with heart, soul and relationship. No small feat! This education system originates from a perspective that all education should be healing, both in the sense of rectifying limitations or injuries to our being and to leading people towards wholeness, supporting children or adults to realise their full potential.

Living through this healing perspective inspired me to enquire further into what it means to heal and I was drawn to study at the  Brennan Healing School of Healing in the USA. Dr. Barbara Brennan's first career was a NASA research scientist and then she ran her international healing school for over thirty years where she combined scientific research methods with intuition to create a remarkable body of work on the human aura and chakras. I studied this work from 1999-2003.


Healing also sat in the foreground of a period of seven years where I was immersed in practicing tantra and was lovingly invited to teach alongside my soul friend and teacher Mahasatvaa Sarita Ananda. 

Since that time I have taught tantra workshops and retreats worldwide, mainly couples retreats and women only retreat. These retreats unite personal transformational growth work with practices to expand sexuality and relating, a powerful life-enhancing combination. 


Just when I thought I was filled to the brim with healing education, an invitation came my way to attend a workshop with Jason Shulman. I knew of his work as a modern kabbalist and zen lineage teacher. Within an hour of meeting him my heart was ignited with the imperative to study with him. My small personal ego had quite other ideas but was not in the decision making chair at this point and so I began studying Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH).

Today, 12 years later,  I am honoured to be on the faculty of his school, A Society of Souls as a teacher of this profoundly nourishing body of work at the heart of which lies kindness and a deep commitment to awareness. I also offer sessions for individuals in this modality in my private healing practice and additionally work with couples.  In my couples work,  I combine the wisdom from the NKH path with other trainings I have, one of which is sexological bodywork, this is a wonderfully radical integration of sexology, mindfulness and maverick paths of pleasure to expand sexual life and relating. 

This spectrum of relating from personal to spiritual-universal is what I call,  'The Great Intimacy'. This is how I frame my ongoing path of learning and sharing. Come explore with me the unique and highly personal ways you create relationship and how to alter what limits or hinders you.  By relationship, I mean relationship with your body, relationship to risk and the unknown, to meeting new tasks or opportunities, your relationship to your own desires and disappointments with the obstacles or hurts you have met in life, relationship with your own sexuality and desires and onwards. By relationship, I of course include the relationships we have with other people, family members, romantic partners, sexual partners, work colleagues, society, our entire lives are a tapestry of relating. We can explore the territory you are concerned with through the lens of relating and so bring healing and transformation. 


The work I do engages with themes classically described as the 'spiritual' path ~ however, I prefer to restate this path as the journey to access our deeper humanity and relate more fully to Life in all its colours and seasons and to discover our place in the nature of existence.


Yes, it's a vast and intimate curriculum, but then isn't that our nature?