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Healing Appointments

for individuals 
for couples

How do we expand our consciousness

 in order to solve our problems and grow?

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing is a way to do this,

to make enduring changes and to enhance awareness.

People work with me to address the core themes and concerns of their life's challenges and relationships. They come to heal and enrich their emotional lives, to navigate life changes and relationships, to alter stuck patterns and come into alignment with purpose, authenticity and wisdom.  


All of these directions are held in this healing work not as pathology but through the lens of wholeness, with dignity. In this light these so called 'problems' that we inevitably encounter in life are the ongoing enquiries and natural desires of a life lived with reflection and intelligence. 

These desires ultimately seek for meaningful action in the world and meaningful satisfaction in our homes, bodies and hearts.

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) is a radically new healing paradigm. It unites the wisdom of Kabbalah and the teachings of Zen to offer a supremely practical and life-enriching method of personal transformation. This modality offers profound personal evolution and awakening. NKH is a holistic alternative to traditional psychotherapy. This healing modality arises from the insight of Jason Shulman, a renowned master of kabbalah, author and teacher of zen and nonduality.


Healing can help to:

  • release past experiences

  • transform in a particular area

  • shift patterns of relating

  • move through life transitions

  • attune you to your own deeper wisdom

  • guide your spiritual journey

  • give support for physical healing

  • expand creatively


NKH offers deep listening, compassionate open-hearted dialogue and an incredibly powerful healing transmission that resonates and works from your deepest core consciousness outward. At the heart of this work is kindness and spaciousness. This spaciousness embraces all of who you are, light and dark, powerful and wounded, egoic and universal.


This healing modality is a path of awakening to ourselves and to relating more fully in life. NKH is built on the premise that the greatest healing we can do, whether it is of the body, emotions, or spirit, is the healing of our limited view of what it means to be human, to give a context broad enough to hold the beauty, paradoxes and difficulties of being human.


Before I started working with Roxana I felt lost within myself, overwhelmed about changes happening in my life. I felt completely closed down and disconnected from myself and my boyfriend.

I was struggling with a trauma that was surfacing in the past year which caused a lot of anxiety and overwhelm.


Roxana helped me to move through this difficult time, she helped me heal parts of me that were in pain and reconnect with the feeling of peace within myself again.

Her beautiful energy, wisdom and understanding have helped to look at things differently and changed the way I felt about them and they stopped triggering me.

Her healings at the end of each session have been profoundly powerful, I felt the changes in my body (mental and physical) right away but also noticed more consistent changes in my behaviour and the way I feel in my daily life. No more anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.


I also developed a better relationship with myself and with my partner, our relationship has changed for better and I am finally open to receive and give more love.

K.D.   London 

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